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General Terms and Conditions


The EXCLUSIVE INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS SAS company is a simplified joint-stock company with capital of 30000 € whose registered office is located at 91, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore 75008 Paris, registered in the Register Paris Trade and Companies, under the number 821 075 017 and operating under the trade name ” Signature“, it acts mainly as an intermediary in the relations between its members and the suppliers of products or service providers.

The client must be at least 18 years old at the time of signing these general conditions terms, and of subscriting to concierge service (hereinafter the «Member »)

Once subscribed, with the acceptance of the conditions of sale enumerated hereafter, the member can formulate his requests by telephone, by WhatsApp, by fax, by email or by mail with a view to the acquisition of a product, for the setting up a service through Signature. These general conditions of use define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of an individual subscription; it is expressly forbidden to make professional use of subscriptions subscribed individually. This type of services for third parties or professional groups must be the subject of a commercial study and an offer undertaken as part of a “corporate” contract between Signature and the company. The Member declares to have read these general conditions of sale, and to accept the terms before making any request for services. Any subscription or request made, directly or indirectly, by telephone, mail, internet, fax, or SMS to the concierge services operated by Signature implies the unconditional acceptance of these general conditions of use which prevail over all other conditions. As part of the handling of solicitations sent by the Member, it is understood that Signature acts as an intermediary between the Member and the service providers or suppliers. The services are then performed by the services providers in the name of the Member and on behalf of the Member under a mandate given by the Member, validated by the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
Those services are then ordered and controlled by Signature


Each Member must provide accurate information when subscribing.

Any missing information may delay subscription validation.

Likewise any change of personal data must be communicated voluntarily by the Member. Signature can not be held responsible for the consequences of any erroneous information communicated by the Member.
Signature reserves the right to cancel or suspend a subscription on its own initiative, without prior notice, in case of conduct prejudicial to the interests of Signature, inappropriate behavior towards staff or service providers by the member or by any third party acting on behalf of the member.

Access to janitorial products and services may be restricted for certain individuals or in certain countries. The requests transmitted to Signature must respect the legal and ethical framework, therefore, Signature will not treat any request in violation of the laws which concern the public order and good morals in the country of execution of these.


Subscription requests can be by phone, email or mail. In each case, the future member will have to disclose his identity and contact details in order to be contacted by a concierge within 24 hours in order to finalize the membership.

1- Member identification
In order to be a Member, the customer will have to pay the annual subscription fees according to the chosen formula. He can indicate if he wishes to make use of the services of Signature his or her spouse which he will have to identify by communicating his name, first name, telephone number and email address.

As the owner of the subscription, the Member is solely responsible for the requests expressed and their regulations.

2- Memberships
Four ranges of services are proposed, whatever the membership formula chosen, the quality of service remains absolutely identical; only the janitor’s days and availability vary.

These different membership formulas give the right to access to concierge services and do not constitute the entire remuneration for the various services ordered by the Member. The amounts of memberships under GUEST of the Privilege-guest and Optimum-guest formulas apply only for the first year of membership, the classic pricing will be applied in the following years

THE PRESTIGE Signature RANGE is exclusively available by invitation.

THE ESSENTIAL RANGE annual subscription fees € 1,500 excluding VAT payable in single installment providing:
– Access to the free concierge service (excluding costs resulting from services and logistics) from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in France) from 9 am to 7 pm.
– Service strictly executed for orders on French national territory
– Free access to the member’s area of the website
– Access to exclusive offers from Conciergerie partners
– the annual personalized attention offer
This subscription guarantees the invoicing of any request giving rise to an estimate at 90 € HT per estimate instead of 110 € HT excluding travel costs. This amount will only be invoiced in the event that the request does not materialize.

THE PRIVILEGE RANGE the annual subscription fees is € 2,700 excluding VAT payable in single installment , providing for:
– Free access to the concierge service (excluding costs resulting from services and logistics) from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (excluding public holidays in France and in the country concerned)
– World option
– Free access to the member’s area of the website
– access to exclusive offers from the concierge partners (flexible check-outs, upgrading upon reservation, early arrival depending on availability, one night free depending on availability, etc.)
– priority access to partner events (VIP seating for concerts or sporting events for example
– the offer of personalized attention
This subscription guarantees the invoicing of any request giving rise to the establishment of a quote at € 70 excl. Tax instead of € 110 VAT free, excluding travel costs. The cost of establishing an estimate will only be invoiced in the event that the request is not materialized. The same conditions apply for PRIVILEGE-GUEST members.
THE OPTIMUM RANGE, the annual membership of which is set at € 6,000 excluding VAT payable in one installment providing:
– Free access to the concierge service 7/7; 24/24 and 365/365 (excluding costs arising from services and logistics) with the private number of a dedicated personal lifeststyle assistant.
– World option
– Free access to the member’s area of the website

– access to exclusive offers from the concierge partners (breakfasts offered in partner hotels, flexible check-outs, upgrading when booking depending on availability, early arrival depending on availability, one night free depending on availability, etc.)
– priority access to partner events (VIP seating for concerts or sporting events for example)
– the offer of multiple personalized attentions
– invitation to exclusive events such as gastronomic tastings or memorable and unique experiences. This subscription guarantees the invoicing of any request giving rise to an estimate at 55 € HT instead of 110 € HT excluding travel costs. This amount will only be invoiced if the request does not materialize. The same conditions apply for OPTIMUM-GUEST members.

THE PRESTIGE RANGE Service accessible 24/24; 7/7; 365/365
Annual membership fee: € 25,000 excl.VAT. excluding costs arising from services and logistics
– 2 dedicated personal lifestyle assistants.
3 fabulous experiences created for the member each year. Quotes that do not give rise to a service will not be invoiced, only the inherent travel costs will be.

3- Duration of the subscription:
The subscription will be renewable by tacit renewal on each anniversary date of this one. It can only be terminated by sending a cancellation letter no later than 30 calendar days before the next renewal date. In the event of cancellation, the subscriber will remain liable for the amount of the remaining subscription. There will be no refund of it.

In accordance with Article L121-20 of the Consumer Code, the member has a period of seven (7) calendar days to assert his right of withdrawal from Signature. When the 7th day is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the deadline is extended until the next business day.

This waiver will result in a full refund of membership fees already paid by the Member.

In case of non use of the services related to one of the subscription formulas, no refund of the subscription can be requested by the member.

4- Requests from non-members, support excluding subscription.

It is possible to use of the concierge services on an ad hoc basis, without having to resort to the annual subscription. These requests are limited to 10 monthly, each additional request will be invoiced 200 € HT.
In the absence of a subscription, any request giving rise to the establishment of a quote will be invoiced at € 110 excluding travel costs. A proposal may contain multiple quotes, each will be billed individually. This amount will only be invoiced in the event that the request does not materialize.


3.1 Quality of service
For reasons of quality, calls made to Signature may be registered for the purpose of improving the quality of service.
3.2 Identification of the originator
Each member will be identified at each order taking:

– By identifiyng the phone number used (if it correspond to a number registered by the Member at the time of his subscription to the services)

– By asking a determinated password

– By calling back the Member on his registered phone number.

3.3 Issuance of an order
As a member, the incumbent can make his solicitations:
– by email
– by sending an SMS or a WhatsApp;
– or by calling,

General Terms and Conditions of Concierge Services during this communication; the member will indicate the object of his order, the concierge in charge of the order will then take all the information that will allow him to achieve this order perfectly.

Depending on the content of the solicitation, an estimate can be generated and the amount will be submitted for validation by the member before execution.

3.4 The confirmation of the order
All orders will be confirmed by the Conciergerie to the subscriber by e-mail or on the internet space allocated in the “My current orders” section as soon as possible on the website.

This confirmation will include the following information:
– the order number
– the description of the service ordered
– the unit price of the service or product ordered Excluding TAX and TTC
– the delivery time of the product or the realization of the service
– the terms of this delivery
– the cancellation conditions

3.5 Tracking the order
Always in the “My current orders” section, the member will be able to follow at any time, step by step of his order, the Conciergerie will send him in this section all the information inherent in an order: (booking numbers for restaurants, hotels, ticketing, dates and times of departure and arrival regarding transportation and travel, the address of hotels …) he will also receive this information by email.

Any recorded order is subject to availability of stocks or services at suppliers and service providers, the subscriber will be contacted as soon as possible, in case:
– out of stock
– modification of the nature of the product or service ordered
– modification of the tariff of the service or the product indicated initially to the member
– modification of the delivery period initially indicated by the conciergerie

Alternative solutions will be immediately proposed and implemented upon receipt of an agreement from the member.

In the event that the Member refuses the alternatives, the Conciergerie will cancel the order.

In case of cancellation of the order if a payment has been made, the Member would be directly refunded once the reimbursement of the provider received by the concierge.


On the basis of the prices communicated by the service providers, the products and services will be indicated and invoiced to the members.
The member may, if he wishes, authorize Signature to proceed to the use of his credit card at a distance to settle a provider.

The acceptance by the member of a proposal issued by Signature is the consent of debiting the member’s credit card of the amount of the order.
The member can also make payments by bank transfer, taking into account the bank execution times.

Validation of his order and quote, the member undertakes to pay the benefit at the earliest to allow the execution of it as soon as possible.

In the event of late payment Signature can not be held responsible for the evolution of availabilities or rates of the services ordered.

It is understood that certain requests may generate additional processing fees (eg real estate research, organization of events)

The member by the acceptance of these general conditions of sale authorizes Signature to him to charge these expenses. Signature will not make advance payment for orders from its members.


Signature is committed to responding to queries by the member in a minimum amount of time and is committed to providing advice to the member.
Signature acts as an intermediary and is responsible for representing the member to providers and suppliers.

In case of unavailability of a service Signature undertakes to provide its best efforts to offer alternative services. In case of the definitive unavaibility of a service, Signature will proceed to the cancellation of the request. No compensation can be requested by the member in this case.

The member has access to a large number of benefits and benefits negotiated with the providers and / or suppliers selected by Signature.

Some types of requests may generate additional processing fees.


The member acknowledges and accepts that Signature acts according to the requests as expressed in the requests it transmits. Signature can not be held responsible in the event of error which the customer would be in any way at the origin.
Signature can not be held responsible for its recommendations regarding the choice of a provider. Signature is authorized to cancel or refuse the orders of a member with whom there is a dispute.

Providers and / or suppliers are responsible for the services, products or benefits they offer to the member.

Signature can not be held responsible for the non-performance of its obligations in case of force majeure (disruption, transport strike, communications or postal services, flood, fire computer failure, restriction due to government mesures, or all other cases of force majeure as recognized by french courts…)


A concierge service can not establish an exhaustive list of its services.
Shopping: Upon member’s request, Signature may make purchases on its behalf.
An hourly rate of 110 EUR per hour per hour of shopping will be charged after the agreement of the member for the removal of a concierge (any hour started being due) this package does not include travel expenses that could cause the mission.

Ticketing: Signature undertakes to implement the best means to find tickets for all events from its suppliers and partners for the member. In the event that the event displays full in traditional ticketing, Signature may appeal to specialized providers, it is understood that in this case, the proposed prices are likely to change at any time and be different from the face value mentioned on the notes due to markup related to agency fees, management fees. Signature is not responsible for the loss of the tickets or for their misplacement by post, as it is in fact specified that no duplicate of the said tickets can be transmitted to the beneficiary.

Similarly, Signature can not be held responsible for the cancellation or postponement of a show or event. In the event of cancellation or postponement by the artist, the producer or the organizer, whatever the circumstance, Signature will be able to be held only with the refunding of the face value of the tickets, subject to obtaining the refund from producer or organizer.
Restaurants and Clubs: To guarantee certain reservations, the member may be asked to pre-pay.

* Airport services: Members can have a special assistance at airports following the countries (the Member must first and at least indicate its date of arrival or departure) expedited formalities, access to lounge and VIP lounges , check-in or pick-up of baggage (in the case of baggage collection, the Member will have to hand in his baggage coupons and keys) when the baggage has been issued at the place of residence, the member will receive an SMS confirming. This service is charged extra and can includes the provision of car with driver to airport transfer.


Signature is committed to respecting the trust that its members place in it, thus in correlation with its ethics and its code of ethics, all the personal information of its members is protected. It is the same for all the exchanges between the members and the concierges. The use of this personal data is strictly reserved for internal use for the fulfillment of orders and for the customization of offers.
In accordance with Article 27 of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms, members have the right to access, rectify and delete data relating to concern them with Signature and this under the conditions provided by Article 34 of the said law.


French law
Jurisdiction : Paris Commercial Court

Contact information


91, Rue du Faubourg Saint-honoré 75008 Paris
+33 (1) 44 71 36 31

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