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Wellness & Health

Wellness & Health

The Right Practitioner at the Right Time

Finding the right doctor and having a consultation can be very complicated when you are living abroad.

We coordinate the different stages of your medical journey in France, ensuring access to the best care, in the hands of the best practitioners and as soon as possible.

Each appointment is made before your arrival in the French territory, in case of hospitalization, the admission formalities are carried out by our services.

Always in good hands

Your entire medical history is established, whether for a specific pathology, for an emergency response, for a second opinion, or for a review, a complete program is designed for you.

In the event of hospitalization, assistance shall ensure the well-being of the patient and may, at the request of the patient, transmit information concerning his condition to a person indicated in advance (especially for the various stages when there is surgery).

A chauffeur-driven vehicle will take you to each of your medical consultations and even to your examinations and analyzes.

Escort in Confidence

The medical concierge is also a full and equal care that escorts and advises the patient throughout the medical process; it is also negotiations of charges to avoid significant overcharges.

Confidentiality of all your medical care as well as your identity are guaranteed.

From your arrival to the day of your departure, enjoy a discreet and customized escort.

Well-being and Fitness

Signature offers you access to the most modern and comfortable spa facilities. Book massage sessions at your residence 24 hours a day or in a massage parlor.

Re-energize your tone with a sports coach…

Privatizing a golf course to improve your swing is also possible.

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