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Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

Become a master in the art of pleasure

A desire to offer a memorable present? We will select the finest, elegant, original and rare items according to your criteria.

And even if you remember an event at the last moment, we will be there to react quickly.

So, for all occasions, but also for special attention, you will leave your signature…

Optimize your time

When you have purchases to make, our personal Shopper will make them in your presence, or in your absence after making a selection that will allow you to make the final choice.

During your business trips, your purchases will be made for you, giving you time to devote to the essentials.

In total privacy

In the private lounges of the most prestigious houses you will discover the most beautiful collections of jewelry, watches and the finest fabrics of master tailors.

Ladies, we will select you milliners that will create unique and distinguished hats for you.

If you prefer total privacy and exclusivity, we will privatize the sales areas of the most beautiful fashion houses for you.

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