Personal Concierge

Personal concierge

``The luxury of just choosing...``

Your personalized attentions

We deliver on your behalf the most delicate and refined bouquets of flowers as well as the finest gourmets and candy bouquets.

Beauty & Shine

Your facials, hands, hair … will be taken care of by beauty professionals.

Noblesse obliges

Knowing the fragility and nobility of certain fabrics, we offer you a room removal service to clean up when you reside abroad, and we want to guarantee that you will have a luxury Paris dye service.

Following in the footsteps of Beau BRUMMEL

Gentlemen, entrust us with the sublimation of your shoes, we have a master make the glazing in this matter. We collect your costumes in London, Milan, Paris… and keep them at your disposal, or we deliver them to your resort or residence.


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